09 July 2017

Mahekal Beach Resort Mexico

Hi there! I wanted to share our Mexico trip that we took a few months ago in March. We thought it was high time for the two of us to just go and I'm so glad we went! This was really our first trip to Mexico in years..we went about 15 years ago to Puerto Vallarta and for some reason never really went back. It probably had something to do with being busy having three kids ;)
Anyways we headed out to beautiful Playa Del Carmen to this awesome little boutique hotel called Mahekal Beach Resort. We loved it and would definitely head back there again! we headed out beginning of March and the weather could of not been more perfect! If you are looking for a smaller resort that has a great beach then you want to definitely check this resort out!

 View from one of their three pools

Our every morning breakfast view

Everyone has their own patio so this is what you do all..day...long

Breakfast! ..fresh juices and the BEST waffles I have ever had made fresh!We had two meals a day included so we ate  here for breakfast and a different restaurant for  dinner every day. They have three restaurants ..we only ate at the two ..for some reason we just never got around to eating at the other one. The food was great! you could order your meal from the menu and also grab food from the buffet at every meal.  They changed it up everyday and the wait staff was wonderful!( Hellloo lady!) still cant figure out why my napkin isn't folded again when I return back to my dinner seat these days..lol

Our room and patio 

our room! We loved waking up to the sound of birds..you could also hear the waves slightly since we were closer to the ocean on this side. We where on the very end.

Beautiful entrance and lobby area included cool wet towels and bottled water when we arrived

We were pretty quiet on this trip, but we did manage to get to spend some time over at Tulum on a day tour that we took that also included snorkeling with turtles for the afternoon

These are what you call mexican chicken there..and they are everywhere in Tulum

yeah I guess we had fun snorkeling..lol It was a blast! I am so so glad we swam with the turtles and stingrays! I would totally do it again in a heartbeat!  Ohhh and  your welcome Jose and thanks for you swim shirt that you ripped off for me.."Oh nooo lady that's not going to work! says the snorkeling instructor...it was a good day for Jose I'll just leave it at that..LOL  

The two guys that picked us up at the hotel and drove us around for the day and then took us snorkeling could not of been nicer! We booked the day at the hotel not really knowing what to expect but it was a awesome day! 

Overall we loved it here and would even take back our kids sometime. We booked our trip through kayak and it was considerably less expensive than going to their website. We saw a lot of families there. The town was also right there so you didn't need to walk far to see downtown and shop. I also did go to the spa for a facial(forgot to take pics) which was beautiful and relaxing.it took about two hours with some time in the hot tub .but not sure that it was worth the  $175 for it... But overall we cant wait to return!

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