11 February 2018

Favorites and goodies of 2017

Hello there! How was your 2017? So since I love reading about others favorites, I have had on my crazy mind lately that I wanted to share my favorite beauty&goodie favorites from 2017! I have to admit that I am not really good at finding things or products that I love. I don't know if I am just really picky or I just don't find much(do I really have that much time to spend in Sephoras today??) that I am really impressed with, but I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that I actually found some goodies that I have used for awhile and truly do love..so!

Here is a mishmash of my goodies. Ill start with the beauty stuff first.

I have been using this lotion for a couple of years now and it is the best Ive found for dry Colorado  skin!My most favorite lotion ever! I have always had dry skin and always put lotion on out of the shower or bath. This has a really nice light scent to it that I can handle.I love that it is more natural and has Shea butter in it too and affordable. 

I received a small sample of this Supergoop rosemary setting mist with sunscreen and used it up quick! It smells awesome and I love that I am actually setting my makeup and getting more sun protection at the same time. And I feel all fancy spraying it on my face maybe too...
I have started using Wild Bloom skincare in the last few months and love that it is made locally in Colorado by a aesthetician. I love the face serum for keeping my skin from feeling so dry. I have been using the day and night cream and am working my way to getting more but so far I am really enjoying them! 

I wrote a post a few posts back about my love for this polish!Dazzle dry is still going strong and have not used or plan to use any other nail color ever! This polish is about two weeks old and has barely chipped! If you want a chemical free polish, dries in 5 minutes flat (no joke!) stays on like gel polish,makes your nails healthier and removes with polish remover then this is your stuff! This is by far my most favorite beauty product ever! You will never go back to the maintenance of gel!

I feel like I have such a hard time with hair products! I have tried so much and am always disappointed or feel like it just is the same as the last product. But! I have been liking Living Proof and have been using the mousse regularly. It does not weigh my fine hair down or feel like I have anything in it. My hair does feel fuller too. Their dry shampoo is good too.

Have you tried Lipsense yet? A client of mine told me about it last year..what? It stays on all day?? doesn't rub off? Even stays on through lunch, coffees, kisses hmmm so yeah I had to try this for myself and see what all the fuss was about and got addicted pretty darn quick! It does stay on all day as long as you us it correctly and I love how you can layer the colors however you want to make your own colors! Too much fun! #crackfoyolips

I layered two colors here..first layer Sassy z then two layers of Carmel Latte.You can follow my Instagram page at Pinkloveslips to get more info on it and to grab some for yourself! 

The last few items that I love.... is this green tea. It is so good and does not leave that after taste it's the best green tea I have tasted yet. Although I'm sure when I make it to Japan some day that will change..lol
If you crave some chocolate salted caramel and want to try and be healthy about it..well try out these protein bars, Iam addicted and have to have one almost every day. Fixes my sweet tooth.
The last goodies here are some herbs. I didn't have the Rholoa but the Ashwaganda mixed with that has been great to help with anxiety! My Dr told me about these and they are the best thing I have tried so far to calm my anxiety. I really hate being on drugs, dealing with the side effects. So this has been a game changer for me! I love too how I can just pick them up at Sprouts. 
Last but not least is this Neem chap stick! You know how there is 53,567 chap sticks out there right? well put this at the top of your list to try because I have been SO IMPRESSED with this stuff! I have always had a really hard time with dry peeling lips. Then I pick at them constantly because of them peeling and its just this crazy nonstop issue with my lips. I had pretty much given up on trying to find something that actually would really heal them and stop the dry peelyness. I picked one of these up at Sprouts not to long ago as I was standing there contemplating should I really buy another one to try?? I picked the Neem one because there were hardly any left at $7 a piece and the reviews I looked up on it were great so needless to say my lips were changed by the next day..BEST CHAP STICK OF MY LIFE!I felt like within a couple of hours my lips felt so much better and by the next day the peeling was gone It evidently is also really good for those whose get cold sores..so I am waiting excitingly to get one of those too so I can really test this stuff out..lol
So there you go! Hope you have a wonderful 2018! Thanks for reading!

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