27 December 2012

A week in pictures...

Well hello there! Hope you are having a wonderful week! We have been keeping it pretty low key around here. It is cold and snowy in Colorado right now so that means momma stays in a lot! I have just been in one of those moods lately... I took the kids to an arcade so Jamison got to ride in his first tractor! And I got to ride in a go cart for the FIRST TIME EVER! What?? I have no idea what happened to my child hood.. Yeah it was a blast! I fulfilled my In a sort of way go fast in a race car while freezing my arse off! Ben had a great time and of course I don't have any pics! 

Whipped cream and evidently mismatched socks! What is it with socks in this family? Jamison was walking around yesterday with one sock on with a huge hole on the top of it. So I decided this morning to take it off..



 Jamison is getting about 4 teeth in a ll at once right now, so we are zombies. He acually slept all night last night. For some reason when I put him down for a second nap later in the day he sleeps better at night. So why did I stop doing that?? Lol. Back to two nappies a day!

We actually got out last weekend and enjoyed a night out with some good friends for their anniversary! Seriously we about didn't know what to do with ourselves! Must remember to do that more often. 

  Cake and wine??! 

We also decided it was time to shave the boys hair..this was Jamisons first time..we didn't like it. But oh is he so cute with that short hair! And of course I have a big glob of his hair on my shelf trying to figure out what to do with it.. what? scrapbook it?

A sleep over! Bens BFF
     I also decided to go Vegan last week.Two weeks in! Probably wont do it for ever but want to try and eat a lot healthier this next year. Can't believe I have been blogging for almost a year! Crazy.. a year goes by so fast anymore.  Downton Abby ! Ahhhhh! Soooon! Stay warm!

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Lulu Soler said...

Hi Brooke! Your snaps are great - love the puppy! And the kiddos, hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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