06 December 2012

FIBRE Lashxtend black Mascara !

get yours at Birchbox.com

Hi there! I wanted to share with you guys today this mascara that I received with my Birch Box for november! I don't know about you, but I am always looking for my perfect mascara. I really get tired of going into Sephoras asking them buying one then returning it. Ya know? Any of you do that too?
This is the Fibre Lashxtend. I was pretty excited to open my little box and see it, and that I also got a full tube of it!

                      It even has this mirror on the back of it for your touch ups! How cool right?
I am really liking it right now! I beleive the normal price for it is around $24. My lashes are long, but mascaras tend to make them clumpy. This does a nice job of seperating them and giving them length in a wispy oh I just had some fairies come do my eyes kind of way. Hehe! .I decided to have some fun with my new camera and see if I could get of few pics..

 Now I need to find the perfect eyeliner... ehh
I hope you are having a wonderful week!


Lulu Soler said...

Beautiful eyes! Yes, I'm with you on the mascara. My problem is I don't like to spend a lot on mascara since I'm a real freak about changing it every 2-3 mos. :) Wanted to share I'm doing a Stella & Dot GIVE AWAY on my blog. Visit and share!
XO Lulu

Adriana Lucia said...

That mascara looks great! I need to try it out!


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