19 December 2012

My girls night out..

Hi there! Well I had been thinking that whatever happened to girls night out??! Us hard working moms and wives just do not do anything fun for ourselves anymore! I have known a large group of girls for awhile now ,probably my whole adult married life...oh like 15 years or more..( oh Lordy I am feeling old) and we hardly ever get together to just do girl "stuff." (No we did not sit around and watch Magic Mike, but second time around would of probably been just as good.)

I have not done a girls night out at my house before that I could think of, and it seemed like a great idea in spite of my constant exhaustion, sleepiness, worn out mom of 3 , getting over two recent surgeries, and not wanting to do a gosh darn thing lately, weeelllll this just seemed like a good thing to do! So I got all girly and lit a bunch of candles, got a bunch of wine and cupcakes, got some pink roses, threw on a pink top ,and cranked up the girly music!

I thought it would be fun to offer the girls free mini shellac manis if they wanted one. Yeah and who does not want one of those? So I was a tad busy with that, but then my sweet girlfriend Sande decided to jump in and be my little assistant! I do know now though that I can do nails on wine :):)

The girls went nuts over this Tiffany blue that I had... so fun!

It was a great night! I will definitely be doing this again ! The girls had a blast just sitting around eating and talking till the wee hours of the night! So go get together with your girls! They probably need it just as much as you do! I think I am still recovering :)

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