09 April 2012

White heels, pearls and glitter...

So I thought I would share what I wore over the weekend...I bribed my sweet girl into taking pictures for me..I think she did pretty good! Not bad for her first time. she does love to take pictures. I wanted pics of the whole family ,but we are not that together or organized to acually get all five of us together for one. Tessa did though wear that dress from blairs wedding, just so you know :) She was the most foofiest girl around! I kept telling Jeremy that he looked like a big easter egg...he was not going for that. As for me I was pretty excited that I got the heels last minute from Marshalls. You know I could not find any white heels this time of the year??  Anyway we had a quiet weekend nice dinner out with family saturday night and the rest of the weekend we spent working on taxes..but Iam happy to say wahoooie! All that work payed off and momma is getting a decent refund!  But Iam defenitly looking forward to the week. getting carpets cleaned tomorrow and family comming in on Thursday for the weekend.. Oh yeah did I mention to that I want to model for Stella&Dot?? Hello??? are you out there Stella&Dot?? hehe.....it's going to be a good week!

(Dress BCBG TJMax, White heels Jessica Simpson Marshall's ,Stella Dot Sophia pearl necklace  Stella&dot.com/brooke)

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