17 April 2012

Best cuticle cream!

 If you have dry cracked cuticles like I do ;), then you are not going to get very far on getting those beautiful nails! In order to have nice healthy nails the skin a round them needs to be healthy. I have always had a problem with this. Oils never seemed to work,Maybe on the surface a little but I felt like they never really got the job done. Living in Colorado does not help either when you feel like you have to drench yourself in lotion everytime you get out of the shower!  So try some of this.. Mavala nailactan.  They have the best stuff for your cuticles! I always tell everyone about it when they ask because it is by far the best I have used! I love it because bnot only does it condition your cuticles but it feeds your nails what they need to be awesome! It nurshes your matrix at the base of your nail so they grow out healthy strong but flexable...but there is a trick :) You have to use it on a daily basis or you will not see results. Using it once or twice a week wont work. So before you go to bed every night get serious about those nails and slather it on.. When I do this I defenitly see results. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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