18 April 2012

Moma got grass..

 Well I finished second book on the Hunter Games last night wondering how this is going to end! Now I am trying to get sick. So far it has just been a cruddy week and the laundry monster has decided to attack, and I am losing big time :)  So while doing the dishes this morning I thought I should bring out this neat little gift I received when Jamison was born. My grass... or should I say my little dish rack grass thingy. ( I have been watching a lot of Weeds lately) Isn't it cute? I think It holds the water bottles great! and you know we have a ton of those! Works great too for Jamisons spoons, ect.  I am diggin it.
You can get your at Target:)
 Besides that we are bouncing a lot today! I know he does not feel that good and his little nose just wont stop running..but we don't care cause we are bouncing.....

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