05 September 2012

Kitchen shelves and painted cabinets!

Hi! Hope your Wednesday is going good! I told Jeremy I would take care of Jamison today..so hopefully I can manage that ok. So I got our shelves finally yesterday in the kitchen! We are really liking them. I was worried they might be too high, but I think they are good. You htink so?Bob the builder is also painting the kitchen cabinets and he also put on some details to the kitchen island and crown molding! It was a good day! It was fun watching him taking it from a builder grade kitchen to more of a hoity toity custom grade kitchen! 
What do you guys think?  I got that platter at Marshalls for $7 a while back and thought I will use that some day..I think it looks really cool there! I will probably tweek it some more and play with it but I think it looks great right now. The little nail holes are bugging me so I will have  to fix that by covering them with some paint..well that is what Bob the builder told me to do...:) 

 Check out that molding!
And here it is as of last night. Bob will be back today to do another coat of paint then he said he would be buy tomorrow to put the doors back up after he spays them. Jeremy and I are so excited! And we really need some excitement around here! So then all we will have to do is put pendant lights above the island and a new floor.. I will be back with new pics hopefully tomorrow or Friday! 
Love Brooke xoxo

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