14 September 2012

What I am loving this week..

Helllooo! So have I shown you my newly painted kitchen? We got it finally painted last week! We still have the floor and lights to put over the kitchen island, and some end chairs, but we are loving it! Jeremy keeps saying how much he loves it :) I was having some fun today with decorating some things in there..I am still not feeling very good. Grandma is here today helping me with Jamison, so I probably should not be doing much, but I can't help it! When the inspiration strikes! Haha! 

I am also loving this new meal from Kashi! It is so stinkin good for a frozen meal! It has veggies with lots of good whole grains. I am actually really surprised at how good it is, and I feel healthy eating it too.Good stuff manard. they have a spicy one too,  tried it but did not like it as much. So if you are looking for a new lunch definitely try this one out!
And....... this is pretty much how I am feeling every day.. but at least I have my jewelry on. 
Love Brooke xo

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