28 January 2013

Full of stripes..

Hi there! Well it is Monday.. we had a nice weekend not doing too much but did get the garage cleaned out! I was in a serious shopping mood. I actually really don't like to shop all that much anymore, but when the mood strikes I jump on it! I am not that really big of a shopper like a lot of people think. I just try to make different outfits out of what I have. And since we have this new fancy smanchy camera, we thought it would be fun to get going with it!

I had no idea you could have so much fun with editing your pictures on your Mac! Sheeeech.. it's called toddler itis. Ha ha! 

Top and sweater : Express, Scarf: Target  Heels : Target 

I was walking past Express on Saturday and thought I would take a looky look. I don't normally go in there that much anymore, but evidently my Express credit card was dragging me in. I actually found some really cute tops! This peplum top and sweater are two things that I found. Isn't this such a cute top? Oh and by the way I got these snake print heels just a couple of days ago on clearance at Target for $9!! So you had better get your buns over there !Hope you have a fabulous week!

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