15 January 2013

Butter London Fiddlesticks

I love Butter London polishes.. I mean really is it the cute lil bottle? The name? The fact that they make you think that they are made in some cute little boutique over in Europe somewhere? The awesome color choices? Now I have been doing nails for some time now and I just love their color choices! I have been buying them over at Ultas. They are pricey at $14 each but I do wait till I get coupons in the mail and then I will go grab one, or wait till the store puts them on sale.

This one is Fiddlesticks, and it reminds me entirely of ruby slippers on my nails! Pictures never quiet do polish colors justice! I have yet to try the base and top coat. Have any of you? I love too that they are a 3 free company. So if you are looking for some ruby slippers on your nails this is the ONE!!
I hope you are having a great week!

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