30 January 2013

Ballard Designs Julian Apothecary floor lamp

So do you not love Ballard Designs? I have loved them for ever it seems like and have just recently bought a few things from them. I had my eye on this floor lamp for a couple of months to go in a little nook by my Pottery Barn chair. But I just did not want to spend $100 on it... well it went on sale last week! And it is still on sale for $69! ballarddesigns.com

This is the before look. I just had a little table and Target lamp there. 

Now with the new lamp! What do ya think? Sometimes I think it is too tall. It puts out pretty good light and swivels around and you can also ajust the height of it. I was also just a few days ago roaming around Home Goods and they had these lamps too I think for around $70. But mine is cooler! So I think I'll keep it. I feel like I have this really cool grown up lamp in my living room now.. like I need to get my pipe out or something.. Ha ha. Now I need to put a little something on that table...

Have a wonderful day!


circleofchaos said...

Looks very good.^^

Hannah du Toit said...

Hey girl! Just followed you! Come over to my blog and click on the join this site to follow me back!!


Beany Anne said...

Follow back?

You can translate my site, ;)

Kissess, xxx

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