28 May 2014

Springing into white

Jeans: Gap (older)

I can't believe I am in white jeans.... it's funny growing up we just did not wear white in my family because it was always made into this big joke that the minute you put it on it was going to get trashed.. start to eat and just watch the food dribble down your shirt.. lol. So I barley have any white in my closet. I have always been so paranoid about it! It is just how it goes in my family! So I thought I would run over to the consignment shop to see if they had anything so that when I do inevitably dribble something on them I won't feel so bad about it.. and would you believe that they had these jeans there? Really?? These jeans are so clean! People really have white jeans like this?? Well great for me!Just what I was looking for. Hmmmm Maybe that's a sign that white should be in my near future.  

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