05 May 2014

butter london Primrose Hill Picnic

Hi girls! I wanted to share this great new color that I picked up at Ultas the other day from Butter London! I have been on the hunt for some great new spring and summer colors! So far this one has been great, and I think you could wear it with just about anything. I just love their colors! But they are pricey so I generally buy one here and there. I have been noticing too that butter london have been lasting longer on my nails too. Not sure if it's my base coat or the color;)

                    base coat: Mavala Barriere-base with butter london Primrose Hill Picnic lacquer

                       Are there any colors you are loving for spring? I have another one that I am dyin to go get and try out also! A girl came into work asking me to put it on her..and I just could not believe how much I loved it because it's not typically something that I would wear. So I will share that one soon!  Have a wonderful week!

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