25 June 2014

Crusing around Napa & Castello di Amorosa

We decided that while we were up that way we had better go drive through Napa! The day was perfect. Not too hot or crowded. Even though it is really dry there this summer, it was still awesome! This is a a lot of pictures! Hope you enjoy!

The poppies were just crazy! I had Jeremy stop just so I could really see them for a minute. They covered the side of the highway and when I opened my door I really could not even get out! They were just beautiful!

We stopped at the Castle in Napa. Castello di Amorosa .It was awesome ! Great for the kids too! Animals everywhere! And the wine..well ya know it was alright;).. I am pretty sure it is my favorite place there.

It was really interesting to learn about this winery. Its not a old place, but all the materials are very old and were brought in from other countries, and all the construction was done as if it was built hundreds of years ago. It even has a dungeon. That's where the kids go so you can drink.. just kidding ;)

                                 This is a exact replica of a bath tub from that time period..

Forever21 dress

                             Ha! Ha! No pictures!They were done with this Napa nonsense..lol


This was a restaurant we stopped at that we had read was really good. It is called Kitchen Door in  Napa. We loved it! The mushroom soup is great! The kids keep talking about the pizza too. We loved everything we had!I really loved the vibe of it all. Hope to get back there!

Overall I think this was my favorite day! We were able to see and do so much, and the kids really enjoyed most of it! I am bummed thought that I did not get any pics of the gorgeous hydrangeas and lavender.. crazy beautiful there! 

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