19 June 2014

Santa Cruz!

We always cruise on over to Half Moon Bay and grab some fish and chips over at Barbras! THE     BEST! They are award winning;)We always make a special trip there!

The boys just had a blast on the beach! Jamison had so much fun rollin in the sand dodging the waves and just over all being a crazy boy by the water. This was his first time and his reaction did not dissapoint! We were just lovin it!
We spent some great quality time in the arcade and then headed over to the amusement park, which was our first time over there,  it was packed and great, and of course the kids had a great time! (maybe not go on a weekend next time?)..lol! We generally always go out on the pier and hang out over by the seals, but this was a lot better for the kids and a new experience for us! Really cant believe we had not gone over this way before...
Ill be back later with our pics from San Francisco and Napa!

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Antonella_7694 said...

So cuute!!
Amazing pictures!
Would you mind checking out my blog?

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