17 June 2014

Our Northern California trip

Hey guys! We just got back the end of this last week form a great two week vacay with family out in California! It was a really nice little getaway and also great to be able to stay with family;) We really miss my mom a lot so being able to get ourselves out there for a bit was great! 
We started off going to the red woods at Big Basin! If you follow my instagram then you likely saw some of these already. 

This cracks me up! The boys hanging off this tree! Jamison had to do everything Ben was doing..or at least try... goofballs

                                     This was a tree that fell over about 30 years ago.

These trees were just incredibly huge! Most of them  were over 200 feet tall! So glads it was a beautiful great weather day! The kids just loved it and loved climbing all over EVERY LITTLE THING..haha! Or I should say OVER EVERY BIG THING they could find! So glad always that the kids just love to do this kind of adventure and love being outside! 
Have lots more pictures! So I will be back later with some more. Have a wonderful day!

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