16 December 2014

Our new Acacia hardwood floor in the kitchen!

   Hi! I know I have been a horrible blogger... planning on changing that here soon!
I wanted to show you though the kitchen floor that we just redid! We are so glad it is finally over! What a project between trying to figure out what we wanted to do in here, how much money we wanted to spend, ect. The floor before was horrible and was coming apart all over the place. It was not done in the right place, so that just made it look even worse and have more problems. (No we did not do it). It was Pergo, and I think if it had been done right the first time it would of had been fine, but ever since we had put this Acacia wood floor in our entry way and office, we knew we wanted more of it, but it is expensive! So we himed and hawed about it forever and we just decided to do it and have a even look through the main floor of the house. And actually right after we bought our floor I saw over at Lowe's or maybe it was Home Depot tile floor that looks just like this! Could not believe it! It really looked good for tile floor, but we bought our wood and decided to just go with it and get her done. We have no regrets.

                                                         Acacia wood floor in Tobacco Road from Lumber Liquidators
                                                                                 Tile floor from Home Depot

This is in our laundry room that we also redid the floor. I just love the two together! I am still workin on this room but will show when its done;)
We absolutely love this wood floor and would do it all over again! We did have our guy add some kind of water proofing around certain areas to block out and water or spills, so that makes me feel a lot better about that. Did not even know that you could do that. I also just absolutely LOVE how this floor hides everything! With three kiddos and a little dog that tracks in stuff all the time, the floor still looks great and hardly ever looks dirty. Dirt and stuff seems to blend in just fine..lol Who's got time for mopping??
So now we are debating whether or not to put it through the living room and then our main floor will be all wood. But our living room is around 460 sf, so it will be pretty expensive, but buying the wood on sale does help like we have with the other two rooms. It would be so pretty and I would not have to worry about keeping carpet clean down here anymore. So we shall see. I will keep you guys updated. What do you think?

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Nathan Riley said...

Great choice! Wood flooring is beautiful and timeless, and the acacia makes it even more so. I'm glad you went with natural wood flooring instead of laminated. After all, hardwood flooring have a lot of advantages over laminated flooring. Thanks for sharing that, Brooke! Your kitchen looks beautiful! :)

Nathan Riley @ Stanley Steemer

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