14 August 2012

My momma...

This is my ohhh! I am so happy! Just got a facial now shuving a cupcake down my face look

Mom in her new Volvo 
    Hellooo! So the first day we were in Cali mom and I went over to get facials at an Aveda salon! It was wonderful! Then mom decided she needed some lettuce wraps at PF Changs with a lemon drop of course..which I could not even finish if she wanted me to walk back to the car..yup we were having a great time shopping around! Jeremy had the kiddos so that was great to have most of the day to myself.  Jeremy and Jim took them to a museum for the day which they just love that stuff, so it was a great day!

  Mom was just so stinkin cute I could not get over it! Gets in her new car which by the way she has never had a nice or decent car before so I was so happy for her she has worked so hard! But anyway.. she whips out these new Ray bans..  I was like what happened to you? I know you have always been cool and stylish but you have got it goin on mom! Haha! Then we go to lunch and she whips out these adorable reading glasses that immediately reminded me of Diane Keaton. Yup my momma has it goin on! 
So cute  and cool she is! I am just so glad that she was with me during all this craziness with my surgery. Don't know what I would of done without her. She has always been there for me and I felt so much better that she was there as much as she could be. Matter of fact the girls that she works with want to adopt her as their mom..nope sorry girls no sharing my momma! Haha! 

Things are still slow going I hope to be better on my feet my the end of the week. I got places to go people to see things to do! Know what I mean?
Love Brooke xo

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