30 August 2012

Loving Doterra oils for my stomach!

Good morning! Well one thing that I wanted to start sharing is our Doterra oils! We have been playing with a few on and off over the last year or so and will admit that I definitely need more and am a total slacker at hitting my goal to just buying one a month..but anyways.. so with all the craziness with my surgeries this month and feeling pretty horrible, my stomach has not felt well at all. I know it is probably because of pain pills, antibiotics, ect. So not wanting to add more drugs to the mix and have been turning to my fabulous peppermint oil from doterra! I really love this because it is so strong! You just need one drop for about 20 ounces of water is how I do it. It really calms down your stomach and will settle you down also if you need any settling down :) This is a wonderful oil and I am so glad that I have had it around and now have to order more, (I can see a little  more in there! why won't it come out of that bottle?) Haha So if you are interested in some for yourself, they have many many oils and blends that are fabulous, contact your local rep in your area! I will probably be talking a lot more about these oils and sharing with you how we use them for our family and what has worked really well for us! Beats using drugs don't ya think? But then again use what works best for you! 
Oh ps..I get to have more kitchen work done next week! So excited can't wait for you guys to see!!
Love Brooke xoxo

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