26 August 2012

Slow going...

Jamison helping out Auntie Blair with laundry..

Ben jumping in bed with me to say hi

sunday morning

before... cutie

after.... oh hell no! Ha ha!
Hello!!Well things are still going slooowwww. I am really wanting to get back to my life, but I think that is still in the works.. Ha ha. I really want to get back to my kitchen and doing some stuff around here! I did not think it would take me this long to get back to normal but really how much can you take when you have two surgery's in one month plus a ruptured appendix?? Yeah Brooke it is going to take you longer than a couple of weeks to get over this and get your energy back.. I have been living on Sex and the city, has been keeping me feeling like I am keeping up with things a little bit lol! Can't wait to put something fun on again! The kids started school also so that has been nice for Jeremy and I not to have to worry about them during the day. Besides that they needed to get back in school so bad, and they are loving it! Blair came up yesterday and stayed the night, and I totally got her hooked on Downton Abby! We watched the whole first season and she is down..She really helped us out so much! Doing laundry and cleaning for us! Love her! 
So we have been laying low around the house, but here are some pics.. yes it has been pretty exciting around here..
Love Brooke xo

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