29 August 2012

On my nailzz

Hi! How are ya? So I thought it has been a long time since I have posted a nail color! We need some color up in here yo! So anyways I had Jeremy take me over to get some new polish yesterday and to get out of the house for a few... I wanted to make myself pretty in some way since I have not been able to do my hair or makeup in a month now. It sure did though make me feel better and I love this color! I am so stinkin picky about polish colors and I think this one will be one I will wear alot this fall! It's a moachaie color with bits of gold or copper in it! I think it looks beautiful with my gold rings! The picture does not quiet do it justice but ya get the point :) It is essie and called over the knee .. I think the stinkin sticker fell off of it but it is knee something..Ha ha . Ok love you guys !
Brooke xo

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