29 March 2013

After sundown..

Hi Girls! Happy Friday! Well I can say that Jamison has been sleeping for the last three nights! We are starting to feel a little human again! We think it has something to do with theses jammies.. he wears them and sleeps a lot better! Maybe he is just getting cold at night? So you can imagine I am running around town like nuts trying to find more because we only have one pair!Let's face it he is a MESS ALL THE TIME so we need more!
My other little man took these pics! It costs me some quarters :) but I think he does a pretty good job! He is my little photographer! This skirt is my favorite piece of clothing! I bought it at Bebe's some years ago. I do not get to wear it that often so when I do I just love it! So you will see it again:) I love this purse too. It's actually from my mother in laws closet.. here is how the story goes.. Yeah so you know that purse you were using last month? I am pretty sure it was calling my name and I think you need to let me barrow that one! And then she forgets about them.. that usually works out great for me:):)

Jewelry:Stella&Dot Purse: Dooney&Burke Skirt: Bebes (old)Jacket: Marshalls Top: Jcrew (old)

We are going to a nice dinner at Melting Pot tonight! I just LOVE their dessert fondue! Ohh man is it good! We hardly ever go, So I will be stuffing my face! If you have not been there you should definitely go! It is a really fun way to eat! I will share pics next week. Have a nice weekend!


abbie oxley said...

Love this skirt looks amazing! Enjoy your chocolate fondue, yummy x


BeSugarandSpice said...

La falda es preciosa. Muy guapa

Anonymous said...

That's good you guys are feeling better :)

Such a lovely outfit! I LOVE your skirt.

Brooke G said...

Thank you girls!

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