18 March 2013

Daytime nightime with Stella and Jessica..

   Well hello there!  Spring break has started for us! How about you? Doing anything fun? It seems like it always creeps up on us and we get nothing planned. But at the same time its hard right now to get going with these kiddos. Jamison is still not sleeping well at night and he is eighteen months old! What are we missing up in here? He is just the most stubborn baby I have ever seen! So needless to say we are pooped it seems like all the time! So this is my go to outfit lately.. don't want to mess with my 4 day old hair..check ,throw on a hat.. check, throw on a comfy warmish top...check. cute flats..check. Changed my undies..check . Smell half way decent..check . Wait ya know I am pretty certain I took a bath last night..Lol. You moms know what I'm talkin about;) Which actually reminds me about this  lotion I need to talk to you guys about hmmmm.......

  I really have four children....

Top:J crew outlet (old) Jeans: American Eagle Shoes: Target Purse: Stella& Dot sunglasses: Rayban warrior

  But then we decided to go out... not really I am just playin make believe ;) But I wanted to show you how easy it would be to make this into a fun night out outfit in a flash!

I think I forgot to open my eyes in this one ...and I think I am starting to rethink these wedges..they should come with a warning label that says..Should not wear if you have any more than two children who are not over the age of five.. Three kids?? FORGET IT

 I threw on my leather jacket, switched my shoes, put on some jewelry, Grabbed my colorful Jessica Simpson purse and sprayed quickly some dry shampoo into my hair and threw it up in a messy bun... maybe I will wash it tomorrow..lol

Shoes: Target (old) Bag: Jessica Simpson Jewelery: Stella&dot Jacket: can't remember (old)
Thank you for stopping by! I think I am going to start doing this more with my outfit posts ..maybe doing two different looks, just changing excessories..so stay tuned yo! If you are a momma say hi! I would love to connect with some others mommas out there! Have a great day!

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