01 March 2013


Hiiii there! So glad it is Friday! Jeremy has been out of town and came home last night. I AM POOOOPED! Jamison is getting to be just a huge handful into everything.  You should of seen me last night trying to fix the vacuum cleaner.. why don't I have pictures of the juicy mom stuff? Lol
 So I am making it a goal of mine on this little blog of mine to do a outfit post every Friday, so we will start with that and see where I end up!

Sweater: Urban outfitters shirt: forever21 Belt: Gap (old) Skirt: J Crew outlet Booties: Anthropology Jewelery: Stella&Dot

 I look like I am half asleep in these pics! Since Jere was not here Ben actually took them for me! I think he did a pretty decent job! He said well mom I'll do it for two bucks.. OK Ben! done! He is too cute. It is still stinking cold here in Colorado so I decided to stay in and have fun in the office.  
Have I mentioned how tired of my hair I am?? I think I am going to do some kind of Ombre thing or something. Momma needs a change, so I am heading off in a couple of weeks to see a new girl but I am excited about it! Can't get in to see her till the 20th..that's a good sign! What should I do? I was thinking it would be fun to do more blonde maybe on the bottom...hmmm
Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by!


Shubhi said...

you have a really lovely blog:)
Love these pictures, especially the sweater!

Shubhi's Revels!

Marufa K said...

You look really beautiful hun
check my blog out and follow me if you like it


Tea&Sequins said...

Love the J. Crew skirt! Good luck finding a hairstyle you like!


Sania Mahmood said...

Love your blog hun ! Follow me and I will follow back:) You wont regret it !

Sania Xx

Lauren said...

Lovely look Brooke! That skirt is amazing. Is that your house? It is so nicely decorated!! xo

Brooke G said...

Thank you girls so much fpr stopping by! I love all your comments!

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