23 May 2013

Butter London Slapper

I just love this pic! Is it the jewelery or the nail color, both? Lol So I attempted to go and find a color like this and try it out..but I am not much of a blue nailed kinda girl, I really don't like it at all. But when I saw this pic from Pinterest, I became in love with her nails! Ohh lala!

So I took off over to Ulta's to pick out my favorite color close as I could get to this one. I love Butter London colors, so I picked up Slapper to try out. It's actually got a lot more green in it. I could not seem to get the color to show up true in the sorry attempt haha of pictures that I tried to get.  Her pictures of her nails are always just gorgeous so I will try again!  Maybe I will just order that color she has on from ..France I think? Lol .
Also!! I was so excited to see that Mavala is at Ultas now! Mavala in my opinion is the best polishes for natural nails! I love the top coat Colorfix, Nailactin is great for cuticle health and healthy nails and Barrier Base is wonderful as a base coat to condition and extend the life of your polish. If you use all of these on a regular basis the condition of your nails will greatly improve and start growing out healthy strong and flexible! I can get my polish to last around 5 days when I take care of them and use my Colorfix through out the week every couple of days.
Have you found any great colors for spring ?

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