21 May 2013

Our new Fab Habitat outdoor rug

Hello! I think I was thinking I need lots of color this year outside on our little patio! Lol. I was a couple weeks back looking at another blog and she mentioned Fab Habitat outdoor recycled rugs. So I thought I would check them out and to my surprise they were not expensive at all! They are made out of recycled plastic and so light I could carry it with one hand! It is nice and soft to walk on too. They also too have a good selection of colors and styles. Jeremy even mentioned to me how much he likes it. It really has made our patio look a lot nicer and brighter! I am hoping too that I won't have a lot of problems with it fading since it is plastic? Now on to the rest of the yard..uggg...

Have a great day!


Sarah Boast said...

Hello there, this looks like such a lovely garden and a beautiful rug!
I just wrote a review about THE GREAT GATSBY, so be sure to take a look, Sarah x


Sherry said...

That is a gorgeous rug! LOVE that bench too.

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