08 May 2013

Some new bedroom goodies...

Hi ladies! I have been wanting to share with you what I have been up to in the bedroom;) We really needed new bedside tables. We had old ones that were about ten years old from Pottery Barn, and frankly they never held up well even when they were new. So we headed down to Ikea and found these and we LOVE them! I did not think about how much more storage we would get for our room with these which we really needed! They are awesome and I love the look. Then I was over at Tuesday Morning and ran into this chair for only $200! I have been looking for a long tome for a chair and this was what I wanted that did not cost a fortune! I was so excited to find it! I'm still working on things like new pillows for bed and maybe different lamps but for now I like it! I put my necklaces up on the wall and painted our picture above our bed a gold brassy color. So I think I need lamps in a gold color.. I know what I want but just can't find them and don't want to spend a fortune on them in Ballard designs.  

What about you guys? Doing any bedroom improvements?

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Shavonda Vance said...

It's lovely blog hop Thursdays, I stopped by to show your blog some love! If you could subscribe to mine.


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