09 September 2013

Jamison is two!

For some  reason I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that our baby is two now! Maybe it is because I had such  bad year last year and I was so sick and every thing just went by quickly, but We have had a busy two years it seems ,and I worry all the time he is going to be starting kinder garden next week! Lol!
He is pretty darn busy like any two year old little boy..Loves to be outside, loves to go on walks, and go swimming. His word for everything is dooyah..it's pretty funny. We just say that it is his own little language. He will say "hot" and calls daisy" dee".  Ben and him are pretty close. You should see the two of them kiss goodbye and hug each other in the mornings when Ben takes off for school... just so sweet!Wonder how long that's gunna last.. He is a really big daddy's boy too. You should see how he is when dad walks in the door or he see him for the first time that day. So when he will actually fall asleep on me or snuggle with me when dad is around, it's a big treat for me!
Time is flyin by, and I hope I can take in all the moments and just be present, and not worry about the small stuff. I am just grateful to have been able to stay home with him and all my kiddos and be there for them! Now on to the terrible twos!! Lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you had a great weekend!

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