17 September 2013

We are still here

Has it been a crazy week in Colorado or what? And no we did not float away and thankfully our area and home are fine. It's so crazy to be watching all this on t.v. all the time and then go out to the store and to go run errands and everything around you is fine and it seems as though nothing has happened..it still seems that way to me. For some reason when I see things on t.v. sometimes it's just that, not real life..is that just me?
I finally found a jean skirt last week..I have been wanting one all summer. Bout time is all I am gunna say about that. I have been in a funk this week..seems like everything I put on It just does not seem right, and I am standing there in my closet feeling like a moron. I put something on and I am standing there going "now well that's funky." Maybe it is because of all that has happened here this week, that is what is on my mind and all the people. Or It could be the serious lack of sleep that Jamison is not letting us have. He did not go to sleep till midnight last night then was up again at three..so if you are reading this going what the funk?, I totally get it

Outfit details
Top~ Zara
Skirt~ Gap clearance
Clutch~ Stella&Dot

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