27 September 2013

Outfit of the week..

Hey there! I am really loving this new baby doll top that I just got from Victoria's Secret for $19.99! That was a complete surprise! I just had to have it!  I can tell that it will be one of those tops that will be worn year around! It will just be too cute under sweaters for this fall! It has really sweet lace detail on the top. I just love love this scarf too! I wear it all the time when fall and winter come around, and it just goes with everything! I actually gave it to my mom wrapped around a gift box tied in a big bow, and she just went nuts over it too! But I guess I am a bit of an Indian giver and in a round about way it made it's way back to me..lol!
 Well I am just pooped! Having three kiddos and trying to keep up on everything is really wearing me out lately.. so many things I want to do but just too exhausted. The last two weeks or so have been crazy to say the least! Jamison is just a horrible sleeper, and it is really taking its toll on us, some weeks are better than others, but hopefully soon it will get better. I am definitely wanting to work on my blog more when things settle down. There are things I need to do to it, but also would love your sweet thoughts on what you think I should do ;) I hope you have a fabulous weekend and thank you so much for reading!

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Outfit Details~
Top~ Victorias Secret (I tried to order this online and could not find it. I only saw it in the new magazine from last week so I called. Here is the item number on it if you are interested 298246)
Scarf~ J Crew Outlet
Booties ~ Anthropologie (old)

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Scudds Harrison said...

Oh yay! I love your style and you look really good.

I tagged you with the Autumn Tag...just in case you fancy to answer it.



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