03 September 2013

My lil photographer

 I took my little man and photographer out last night to see what we could come up with ;) It was a little darker out than I had hoped, but some really pretty pictures came out of it! Ben got all excited about the sunset and just started going crazy with the camera!

 I thought I would share too some of just the beautiful sky! Ben was pretty certain that it was raining up over on those mountains, and sure enough we got it just a hour or so later! Smelling that rain was wonderful while I sat there regretting watering my lawn for the last hour.. that's just how it goes;) We have really been needing the rain! School was cancelled on Friday due to the heat in these parts and it looks like it not going to be cooling down anytime soon! So yes we had a four day weekend with the kiddos including a pool party on Saturday and a great picnic in the mountains by Estes Park! Really gettin in those outdoor activities I tell ya! It has been great! Jamison can't get enough of his stroller, and you should hear him laugh and chuckle as we walk down the sidewalk.... best thing ever...
Thank you so much for stopping by!

Brooke xo

Outfit Details~
Top ~ Free People (Nordstroms Rack)
Jeans ~ Hudson (Nordstroms Rack)
Purse ~ Micheal Kors (Thrifted)
Wedges ~ Target

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Chelsey Patti said...

Beautiful pictures! Great captures of the sky, and of course I love your free people blouse. Stopping by from the Style Sessions!


Amanda Cobb said...

I really love that top - it has a great shape and combination of texture/layers. :)

Bethany C said...

Such gorgeous photos! And you look fabulous too! Thanks for sharing your look with Three-fer Thursday :)
xo Bethany

Brooke G said...

Thanks girls!

Sherry said...

What a gorgeous pictures. I love that smell right before the rain! Looking forward to our rainy season here, it's been SO hot lately.

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