04 June 2012

Sam's Club tripple chocolate bundt cake...

So I just had to do a little post about this cake... I will probably do more in the future:)  . Have you had this cake yet? It is from Sam's Club and is awesome!! It is our go to cake for anything! It honestly is the best chocolate cake I think that I have ever had that you can just go pick up really quick. Jeremy loves it and will come home from work during the day to eat it ( cause you know it's gunna be gone in no time with me being around :) ) Evidently they make it there too at Sam's..so if you are looking for a fab cake to bring to something or to really impress your guests ... and prepare yourselves seriously because you will not be able to quit eating it . ha ha !
Which totally reminds me of this...we are happy girls when we have our cake..
Brooke xoxo

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