18 June 2012

New hair cut , new hair girl...

Last week was a rough week, so I decided to go try a new girl out that my friend raves about because she is suppose to be awesome at color..I told her to do whatever she thought would be good on me ...I don't care just do something with it! I think I have decided not to do bangs again..just maybe to the side ones..but she did do a good job with the high lights.. she cut a lot off the bottom.. evidently it needed it. My ends always get all dried out . So I got some new Moroccan oil today that will hopefully really help with that. But I like her she is great! Our conversation went into I maybe even working for her one day a week or so maybe..so we shall see.. Big day tomorrow! Getting our roof looked at for a new one and we are getting our counter tops measured for our new snazzy granite ones! Wahooie!

Love brooke

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