26 June 2012

Anthropology and turquoise

Top american eagle outfitters  skirt vintage anthropology 
  I am a sort of lost for words this morning... there is a bunch of banging going on on my roof, and I am not a good morning person.(new roof yeah!) Jeremy has been out of town so I will be leaving town when he gets back, haha!  Besides that such weird dreams last night! I think I need to start keeping a dream journal. I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with my brain...it went along the lines of what would Hilary Swank do?? I was in a serious situation... anyways I put this little outfit together..I thought I would not be able to fit into this skirt with my baby budda belly but ya know sometimes you just have to suck it it.. I am determined to wear the snot out of it because I scored it on ebay for only $10. I thought it went really good with my grandmas turquoise necklace.. Have a wonderful day!
Brooke xo
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