28 June 2012

Colorado fires

 We have had a horrible fire around these parts in the last couple of weeks or so. 80,000 acres I belive have burned down. I have not looked today but I think from what I have been catching, it is getting contained and people are being allowed to go back home. Fires are everywhere here in Colorado..very scary. But even though it is a horrible event, stressful, people loosing their homes, I have to say the pictures that I was able to catch from the front of our home are beautiful. The pictures really do not do it justice at all. They are too off my I phone..but the smoke rising off the mountains setting with the sunset was breath taking.  I dont think I have ever seen the sun in a more wicked red ever. Just beautiful. All my neighbors were standing out in their yards just watching as the sun set. Sometimes you can see complete beauty in something not beautiful.

 Brooke xo

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