01 February 2013

Life lately..

Heellllo there! Hope you had a good week! I  am hoping that this weekend and next week will be better than it has been! I feel like I need a serious vacation somewhere warm! I was thinking the other day that I don't think I have ever been anywhere where it is warm at the beach.. I am desperately wanting to polish my nails but can't seem to get over to Ultas to get myself some new London Butter.  And evidently I am having this thing with black lately because I will be painting my doors black downstairs here hopefully this weekend and I want some dark nails! 

This pictures cracks me up! The kids will sit at the end of the table and watch TV and Jamison will pop himself up there too.. ha ha!

Jam is starting to climb up on the table and eat the kids leftover cereal..

Ben decided he would be better off sleeping in the toy box..

Doing my sisters nails..

Have a great weekend!


Jenna said...

what beautiful pictures! thanks for stopping by my blog.

new follower :)


Mary Claire said...

cute pictures, just started following!


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