27 June 2013

A fun new way of shopping with Golden Tote!

Well hello there! So I happen to stumble upon this new adventure in clothing called Golden Tote. Now if you are familiar with those great lil goodies boxes like Birchbox that you can get in the mail every month full of sweet lil surprises, well this works the same way! Just with clothing!

Every month you can pick your tote, and they will also surprise you with clothing! How fun right?

You can choose a $49 (up to $250 value) tote or a $149 (up to $600 value) tote. The first tote you will get two items with one that you pick. They will surprise you with the other. The second tote you will receive six to seven items with two that you pick and then you will be surprised with the rest. Yes? Does this sounds like fun or what? Have someone else do the shopping for ya ! You do too also fill out a questionnaire so that they know more of what type of clothing you love. I did it and it was easy peasy! They also have a boutique too that you can shop from. I have yet to order a tote from them but am thinking here that I want to check this out soon! I think this is such a fun idea if you don't mind some surprises in your wardrobe! I will definitely let you know when I get my Golden Tote! 

1 comment:

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

Ah, this Golden Tote sounds absolutely amazing!! Do let us know when it arrives ;)

Lauren xx

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