13 June 2013

Feelin a little vintage bohemian today...

Dress Billabong Sweater J crew outlet (old) Sandals Sam Edelman DSW Stella& Dot earrings Bracelets vintage
  What a week it has been! It seems like we have gotten bombarded with mucho stuff around here, and it does not look like things are going to be slowing down much! That's summer though right? Daisy had surgery last week and is doing great! Pretty much back to her normal Daisy self, but with a little hole in her belly at the moment..eeek! She was bit by another dog after she decided that she was going to unleash her little dog syndrome and try and bite  this German Shepard's toes..I guess. We are just so glad she is doing great!

Having all the kids home now has been a big adjustment, and I feel like they are bored already. Jamison is so ornery and such a handful right now that I have been beginning to think he is going to be the death of me !Lol . Ohhh but so sweet and cute!

 I just LOOVE these sandals! I got them on clearance over at DSW the other day, and they seem to go with just about anything! They even give you sunburns ,if you might get one, a little bit more character..anyone out there like sunburned stripes on your ankles? Lol. Yup I have been living in them and hope maybe I can find another cute pair on sale.

I was aggravated to with all the turquoise jewelry my grandma has given me over the years, and I have NO turquoise rings! A really cool big ring like that would of looked great with my bracelets! Evidently I need to make a phone call.. haha! My grandmother use to make her own jewelry as well as sell and trade  with Indians in New Mexico, Arizona. I remember going with her to this huge warehouse and watching her pick out turquoise. I can still remember the smell. I even remember running around with the Indian kids when I went with her. So I just love the jewelry she has given to me over the years because it truly is handmade and vintage, and reminds me of her, and how cool and awesome I think she is. Hope you are having a awesome day! Big hugs from me!!


Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

I am loving your bohemian look! And those sandals - Great find. Especially since they were on sale :)

Lauren xx

Sherry said...

I love this look! That is such a great memory of your childhood:) AND I am totally with you on the "kids at home adjustment". I feel like we've been going non-stop and they still want to do more. Plus my kids are fighting with each other because they are not used to spending SO much time together. We'll need therapy come the end of summer;)

Abigail said...

The sweater top is gorgeous with that skirt! You look lovely. Glad to have found your blog via the Fashion Informant linkup :)

I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post: www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com

Lauren @ Style of One's Own said...

Lovely look. Very boho. Hope your fur-baby gets better soon too!

Style of One's Own

Brooke G said...

Thanks girls!

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