12 June 2013

CND Vinylux review

 Hello girls! Have you heard about Vinylux yet? It's a polish that you put on your natural nails with no base coat, two oats of color and top coat. It's suppose to last four seven days with no chipping! I had to try it to test this out for myself...

 Evidently it has a new technology that when exposed to uv rays it gets harder and lasts longer. This was just released at the end of May,so I was excited to gets my hands on some! Of course though when I got there there were only three colors left, so I grabbed the color in cake pop. I really do not care for the color, but I have to admit it does make my hands look tanner . 

I cleaned my nails and applied the color making sure to lightly cap my ends also. You just apply two coats of color, no base coat, then top coat. That's it people. Easy peasy as nails get! I was impressed with how fast it dried, In under ten minutes! But I did find that this color was hard to put on chalky and streaky. There are 62 colors that are the same as the Shellac colors, so that will be a bonus if you love some of those colors! So was it just the color? I am hoping so..

After four days it started chipping. I was not too thrilled with this especially because I was relaxing and not doing much, other than stuffing my face with food and taking in the beautiful scenery. I applied it Tuesday night and by Sunday I could not wait to get it off. Most of my nails had good chips in them. I was impressed though with how easy it came off with regular polish remover. 

Sorry not a very clear picture at all, but I think you can see what I mean. All my nails have some pretty serious chips on them. And in the polishes defense I did decide to clean a little Sunday night, because I was done with it and not impressed. And that's when it just turned ugly fugly and it was time to get this stuff off. I feel like I can keep my regular polish on when I use my Mavala top coat and base coat this long if not longer and be conditioning my nails at the same time. I do want to try it again though in a different color and see if It won't last for at least for five days, when it claims to last for seven. My nails also are weak right now and are peeling some, so when that is happening, product will not stay on your nails as well as healthy nails. But they are not that bad, and like I said I was not really doing much in those four days. Besides that there are few people out there with healthy nails.

So I am gunna give it another go and I will letcha know! Thank so much for stopping by!

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