01 August 2013

Our new garage door

A few weeks ago I had mention that we were planing on getting, well needing a new garage door. We were scared to even touch it much. It was just falling apart all over the place. So we had a guy come over and check it out. He told us of course that he could temporarily fix it but in a matter of time it would just be doing the same thing again.We also thought too that if we had to spend the dough and get a new door we wanted it to make the front of the house look a lot better.

So I was excited about it but not.. I was thinking this will be great for our house and to up grade it, but what it was going to cost .. not so much. Whaaaa? Did I hear you right? How much??!! But what do ya do? That is how home improvement goes and sometimes it's just better to suck it up and get it done. Anything would of been better than this...

So here is the after! Even though some one decided to come and cut off a bunch of my hydrangea's , We are loving how the front of the house is looking so far !  We were surprised too how much more light is in the garage and going out after dark is not so scary now;) We really are loving it! Looks so much better eh? And now the garage door has a warranty and is covered if anything happens to it. So that is a big plus. ... (I keep telling myself)

Love brooke


Lisa said...

A nice enhancement to your home. I think it looks great.

Brooke G said...

thanks lisa!

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