15 August 2013

Cheyenne Mountain Zooooooo

We took off to the zoo in Colorado Springs on Monday.. Here is a view from up on the mountain! Can't believe I have been in Colorado my whole life and this is my first time here!

 We counted at least twelve giraffes and a baby! Babies everywhere at the zoo! Monkeys, peacocks, sphinx, kangaroo..

That's a baby on the back of that gorilla! I could of sat there the whole weekend and watched them, that was such a cool treat to see a baby monkey! He was all over the place too he moved quick light lightning ;)

Overall it was the neatest zoo I have ever been to. It's in the mountains so it's a lot of up hill walking, but so pretty! Not a big zoo, but the views were just breathtaking ! If you wanted to you could ride a gondola up through the zoo which seemed pretty cool but my sister mentioned that you could not see as much as you would think, so we didn't do it, besides I was kinda thinking too that I didn't feel like getting struck by lightening;) The weather has been crazy there lately with a tun of rain, so we ended up running through the rain right before we left. Fun times indeed! So I guess you could say this was my last hoo rah rah with the kids before they are back to school next week. So glad we went! And so glad school is starting soon! Lol


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Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

How fun! I was literally at the fork in the road and instead of turning left to that zoo, we turned right and hiked seven falls! You're right, the views are gorgeous in that area!! What a great trip to make before school starts, I'm hoping to squeeze it into a weekend soon!

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