05 August 2013

Life lately through my I Phone..

The boys....

Bens new hoodie.. can I have one in biggie size? People kept coming up to him and telling him it was the coolest hoodie ever.. lol
 My bud Karen.. and a few glasses of wine maybe ;)

My dad and grandma. We don't look anything alike do we? Did I need to tell you that?

Glad my nephew is comfortable at my house.. here he is in my bed playing on his phone..

There were 18 frogs in there.. we are full fledged into fog huntin season!

I woke up to this the other morning.. got my kicks.. check! Going commando today..check!

Candling my moms ears .. let's just say we will not be doing that again! LOL
My little man is not wanting to snuggle with me that much anymore such a daddy's boy, so when he actually passes out on me I just can't put him down! He is going to be 2 soon and the time is just flying by. I am trying to get these moments in as much as possible before he is too big. Just can't believe that one..

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