22 August 2013

Warrior Dash Copper Mountain!

 Over the weekend we went up to Copper Mountain to do the crazy Warrior Dash! I might add here that I have NEVER done anything like this before, and did not know at all what to expect! I somehow got talked into it by my bud Karen after a few glasses of wine...Oh yeah sure! Sign me up! I did not even train for it.. I was just excited to get away to the mountains for a weekend!

                                                                         The before...

Here we are after the whole crazy thing! I have never been so nasty, dirty, gross, muddy, wet, things where things should not be, in my life! We actually swam through a huge mud pit with wire above it..yeah I could of skipped it, but if your gunna do it might as well do it and have some fun!No girlieness allowed! I even jumped over FIRE! It was gross and crazy but I had a great time and experienced something all new to me!

This was after at the party at Copper! It pretty much was a huge party all day long.. SO MUCH FUN! Jeremy went a bought me some new clothes after I tried for at least a half an hour to get that crud off of me..so worth it I was freezing to death and the drinks were not helping ..Lol (I love my peeps;)

I have no idea who this guy was but I was really tempted to go talk to him and see if he was indeed really Scottish or not.. I had some questions for him.. LOL . People were dressed up in costumes all over the place Pretty darn funny...

I have been so tired all week, but we had a great weekend and the mountains were wonderful! Ill be posting Breckenridge pictures here soon!
Evidently there is going to be a next year too so we told the boys they are gunna do it too! No wimping out! Fire, mud, ropes, climbing, tunnels.. oh yeah it's on boys...

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