05 July 2012

Playing in Boulder and some shelves!

 Things seem to be hectic around here! It is always that way when you feel like your home is all over the place with  a remodel..so yesterday we decided to get away and go to boulder to shop! You know that really hurts Jeremys feelings.. anyways we or I should say I was in an Anthropology mood to look at their dishes. I decided that I am going to do some open shelving in the kitchen! Yup it is a bold move but I am going for it. I can always put the cabinet back up anyway right? When we did take it down it seemed like it really opened up the kitchen alot! So off to Anthropology I went and to the Apple store Jeremy and the kids went..too bad Anthropology for me right now is just ehhh. It is alway depressing too when I run up to a dress that I just love to only look at the tag and see that it is $200-300! I did try on a cute one that was on sale for only $125 (lol) . Nothing special right now. I think though I can find alot of cute white dishes at Target to add to what I have.  But the tile is up and hopefully the cabinets will be painted within the next couple of days!  Moving right along!

Here are some pictures of what I am talking about. Purty eh?

Brooke xo

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