19 July 2012

Pretty organizers at Target!

 Hi guys! I was doing my shopping over at super Target the other day and of course I had to meander over to the stationary section. Every since I can remember I have had this love for stationary..is it a girl thing?? Remeber the day timers everyone use to carry? I loved that stuff! It's funny sitting here thinking about it. I remember  playing office with my friends. hehe. So I found some cool new stuff to help you stay on top of it !  They Have a loyalty card keeper now, and new mom journals! So cute! (Sorry about the bad pics..) also they had this shopping campanion. I really likes this beacuse it holds coupons and helps you sort out your grocery list. I think it would fit in your purse fine too.Think I will grab that next time! Last year I bought the bill organizer and we have really liked it it really helps keep your bills organized with folders and worksheets for each month! Just throw your monthy bills in it when you get them and you are at least somewhat organized. I just picked up the snazzy new pink one in the bottom picture. How cute they are does not effect my buying power what so ever....  Have a fabulous day!
Brooke xo

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