02 July 2012

Cold Springs granite countertops!

I am so excited! We finally got out new granite counter tops installed this morning! They are even better than we imagined! They are full of creamy whites, greys, black, some brown even too. We are so excited to finally be getting this kitchen updated! I keep telling jeremy these are just too nice for our house! haha! We get our black splash tomorrow and hopefully we can paint the cabnets too. I am a little bummed though about my faucet. I really wanted something that looked more vintage or victorian , but I could not find one  liked that was over  $200 beans. I had bought one that was $100 but dad said you want to buy one that is at least over $200. Well you have to special order just about anything over $250. I am a bit slow and did not catch on to that till yesterday.. guess it will have to work. The pictures just don't do that well at showing them off :) I have to say too that this was our first time buying a big purchase at Home Depot and they were great to work with! Everything went really smooth. Now we just need to get the backsplash in, paint cabinets, new floor , lighting, and take down those copper pots . Probably more just can't think of them right now . Can't wait till tomorrow!


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Robbie Marinero said...

Your granite countertop looks so fab! Anyway, what color are you planning to use on the cabinet? If you’re confused with what color will match your granite perfectly, try white paint first. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can change it after a few months. Play with different colors until you find the right one.

>Robbie Marinero

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