25 July 2012

Playing in the rain!

Stella&Dot jewelry Guess heels from Shoe Warehouse
Hi! I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! We just got some great rain here in hot Colorado! The weather here has been insane! So I thought it would be fun to talk Ben into taking some pics for me on my phone..I went down to Anthropology's last week and found this dress on clearance for only $40! I was so excited! Dress? Anthropology's? $40?? Evidently getting myself and the kids out of the house payed off:) The only thing about it is it is very sheer so you have to wear something under it. I could not find anywhere a full length white slip. I am thinking they just don't make them anymore. So I took a slip from another dress that came with it. Works pretty good but not long enough. Covers what needs to be:) Until Jeremy walks in the door and goes boobies! boobies! Ha ha!  Hmmm maybe not enough? Hence the jacket:) But the outfit only cost me $65! I already had the shoes and jewelry.It looks great with flats too. So get your self over to Anthropology's! 
Love Brooke xo

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