23 July 2012

craving my movies.....

The Holiday
Hi there! Hope you are having a good Monday! I have been going crazy today trying g to tackle stuff around the house..seems like as hard as I try I just can't get this house clean! So I decided today after much deliberation that I need a nanny..one who clean and cooks :) How about just for the summer?? Lol!  Anyways running around the house I have been noticing lately that I crave movies. I get in this mood where all I want to do is sit for a day in a nice environment and watch movies that I love. Then I started to realize why I love these movies..it's because I can watch where they live and look at all the cool and inspiring things they have in their home. I think I like the homes better than I like them! Remember this movie The Holiday ? Love this little house. And I love the fact that a girl around my age in the movie has it. (I know just a movie and she probably inherited it from her fabulous grandmother who had it designed .) If she can pull it off so can I!! Well that is what I would like to think anyways..
Somethings Gotta Give

It's Complicated

What about this house from Somethings gotta give? Did we not all just die over this beach house! Or I should say beach mansion ..Love the style of this house! Another movie that I can think of is The Backup Plan with J lo. I could not find any pics of her apartment in this movie..but it is awesome! I love all the details! And her clothing in this movie too! OMG!! The hallway before entering into her apartment is all wall papered  gorgeous! If I am going to live in an apartment...the hallway has got to be beautiful Haha! Sure....  I am also thinking too of It's Complicated. I think that house is my fave.. I think I enjoy these movies so much too because they inspire me to get out of the mom mode and do something with myself. Being a stay at  home mom all the time can be rough and it is nice to see how others live even if it is just a movie. Is anyone else like this??
Have a great week!
Brooke xo
What about this house

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